Analysing the Numbers


Main Street Lebanon represents and involves a coalition of organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals from throughout the community -- not just those who own property or businesses in downtown, but strives to involve all members of the community who are interested in the community's overall health.  Involvement by both the public and private sectors is viewed as critical.  Both participate in the revitalization process by providing funding, leadership, and ideas, and by encouraging collaboration between existing programs to assist the revitalization process.

By actively involving a broad range of interests and perspectives in the revitalization process, Main Street Lebanon leverages the community's collective skills and resources to maximum advantage. The overall goal is for a broad range of constituencies from both sectors to understand and be philosophically committed to the revitalization process and, to that end, to commit the maximum resources possible to achieve the goal of revitalizing the commercial district.

Main Street Lebanon aims for active participation of its various stakeholders at the committee and board levels, including such constituents as:

  • Local government

  • Civic groups

  • Realtors

  • Property owners

  • Local industries

  • Financial institutions

  • Developers

  • Transportation authorities

  • Community development

  • Regional planning groups

  • Downtown organizations

  • Consumers

  • Churches

  • Historic preservation organizations

  • School groups

  • Architects and building contractors

  • Parking authorities

  • Neighborhood residents


Participants contribute financial, in-kind, and volunteer support.  They also look for, and act on, opportunities to make connections between other programs with which they are involved so that, by doing their own work in a better integrated way, other programs help further Main Street Lebanon revitalization process.