Flow Chart


Main Street Lebanon has four working committees whose foundation is preservation as an economic development tool, using those elements of quality that have survived as assets upon which Main Street Lebanon can build a lasting, positive physical and emotional image for everyone who uses the downtown.

The committees are based upon a methodology that works to create a total image for the community, providing the retail professional area with a marketing niche, creating a cohesive identity unique to the community, and nurturing a cultural ambiance associated with Lebanon’s location, appearance, and way of life.

Operations Committee gets everyone working toward the same goal and assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to implement a Main Street revitalization program.  Many individuals and organizations in the community have a stake in the economic viability of the downtown Operations builds consensus and cooperation between the groups that play a role in downtown. Many individuals and organizations in the community have a stake in the economic viability of downtown. It also focuses on the operation, promotion and funding of Main Street Lebanon.

Design Committee improves the downtown's image by enriching its physical appearance - not just the appearance of buildings, but also of street lights, window displays, parking areas, signs, sidewalks, streetscapes, landscaping, promotional materials and all other elements that convey a visual message about what downtown is and what it has to offer.
Promotions Committee sells a positive image of the Central Business District. By marketing the downtown's unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists and others it encourages them to visit, live, work, shop, play and invest in the Historic Downtown. Effective promotion creates a positive image of downtown through retail promotional activity and special events that use downtown as a stage area for community activities.

Economic Vitality Committee strengthens the existing economic base of downtown while diversifying it.  Economic Restructuring activities include helping existing downtown businesses expand, recruiting new businesses, providing a balanced mix, converting unused space into productive property, and sharpening the competitiveness of downtown merchants.